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About Us

7 Billion Words


What is 7 Billion Words?

7 Billion Words is first and foremost a book review site. We offer reviews in a variety of categories, genres, and topics with the goal of providing helpful information to the largest possible audience. Here, you will also find additional content, book recommendations, and helpful search and sorting tools to help you find your next great read.
My personal favorite part of who we are is our Action page. There, we try to connect readers with an interest or cause that they are passionate about. Books have the potential to change the world, but that change requires the action of readers like you. Our Action page might be able to help you understand how exactly to go about making that change.

Our Mission

Changing the World, One Word at a Time

By combining a love of literature and a passion for purpose and change, 7 Billion Words hopes to inspire people to create positive change in an area of interest to them. The goal is to connect readers with stories, in the hopes that they will be inspired by their reading to make the world a better place through action and community service.


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Important to Note

The content on this site, including the reviews, are based on my opinion. You may agree or disagree but please go about doing so respectfully.

No negative criticism of a book is given with the intent to insult any author personally or demean the feat they have accomplished by completing a book. This is a book review site and if I did not actually provide my honest opinion, my site would be somewhat pointless.

See our DISCLAIMERS page for more information.